High-performance fuels can cost anywhere from 3-4% higher than normal fuels. Gasoline (/ ˈ ɡ æ s ə l iː n /), or petrol (/ ˈ p ɛ t r ə l /) (see the etymology for naming differences) is a clear petroleum-derived flammable liquid that is used primarily as a fuel in most spark-ignited internal combustion engines.It consists mostly of organic compounds obtained by the fractional distillation of petroleum, enhanced with a variety of additives. Here in India, there are three types of petrol, conventional, premium petrol and a high octane fuel. If it says normal fuel, follows it with your eyes closed. It features best-in-class power delivery and on-the-job performance compared to other 18V solutions. A big part of the diesel engine vs petrol engine comparison is the fuel-efficiency figures. Thanks for sharing your views. With time, sludge and carbon get deposited on the inside, like the cylinder wall valve seats and even the valves. This series includes M12 & M18 FUEL product lines with increased power & durability, safety, and efficiency of their products. shivishingshivishing. Here is an excerpt from Team-BHP regarding this topic. Iam a follower of your blog regarding personal finance for the last 10 years or so…While I appreciate your articles on Personal finance, It is regretted to note that the above article on Speed was done without any adequate research.It is not because Iam an employee of a Petroleum Company, Iam supporting premium fuels…but because of the pain, how badly they are being mis-represented… Speed has additives which acts as a cleansing agent and cleans the deposits from the Engine Internals etc thereby improving mileage and pick-up..It has nothing to do with increasing the Octane Number which is done in the Refinery while producing the product. As long as the RON number of the fuel matches the minimum requirement in your bikes owner manual, premium fuel is not needed. To make things clear we have to first see what classifies into premium fuel. They differ, however, when it comes to how this combustion occurs. The primary difference between diesel fuel and petrol is chemistry. Also, after PoWer has taken effect on your engine, the money saved through the better mileage received will more … As mentioned earlier the premium fuel here in our country has additives. you taking your ride to a petrol pump and while filling the fuel you come across a tag called Xtra Premium. On the other hand, running a high compression engine on low octane fuel will lead to pre-ignition. The normal petrol which is available in the market is actually fit for the engines in most of the cars sold in India. With a stoichiometric air-fuel mixture (λ = 1), there is a compromise between maximum engine power and minimum fuel consumption. Well, now you know which is a better fuel for your ride and why. Ideally, if your car’s engine has a compression ratio (usually mentioned in the owner’s manual) of less than 11:0 it will run fine on normal petrol. Paul Walker Cars | The Car Collection that Raised $2.3 Million! Can you spend 5 min of your time to help in a study on the topic of “Robo-Advisory”, 2021 © Jagoinvestor.com All Right Reserved. This is a situation that has troubled a lot of motorists in making a decision. Although some may be self-explanatory, there are still some that many find confusing like leaded and unleaded petrol. In some cases, very high-performance fuels can be even 20% costly. So in this aspect, premium petrol will not give you greater power, because power is dependent on the engine. They will also not alert you that you are standing in the high cost fuel queue. I carried out my own survey of Supermarket fuel versus normal Petrol Station fuel a few years ago. Shell V-Power is a unique premium petrol designed with a metal free formulation and advanced technology to allow an engine to achieve it full power potential. In most cases, the bigger the fuel tank, the more power and the longer the run time. Every engine has a unique compression rating and hence based on the compression rating, the manufacturers suggest the exact type of fuel to be used for the car. Below are some metrics to test lawn mowers by, to see which one is king. Which means that by selling high-performance fuels, the profits which these companies profit margins can literally shoot up by a big percentage. The choice of petrol Vs diesel should not be made purely on the basis of MPG and fuel costs. 8 brutal mistakes investors make which destroys their financial life, How money shapes our life? Premium petrol usually has an octane rating of about 91 to 93 octane depending on the brand. Like in every other business there are a few blacksheep Dealers who does misselling…but one cannot paint the whole company as unscrupulous…For example try booking an airlines ticket in their website and see how many add-ins are automatically added unless you remove the tick marks…At least our organisation believes in educating the customer and let him make an informed choice of whether he wants to buy premium fuels after doing a cost-benefit analysis….Sorry I did not expect this sort of article in your blog, which seems to aim at sensalisation…Regards. Also, Read 10 Reasons Why the 2020 Honda City should be your first Sedan! But talking about the 95 or 99octane, it can withstand more heat and pressure before igniting, hence it can withstand higher compression ratios. I've used it in my Honda Civic 1.8 petrol Granted it is not a high performance engine with 138bhp. Thank you so much to bring this alertness among the consumers. I do not think that normal petrol from Shell will cause any damage to your engine. Thanks for your valuable comment raj singh. The 1197 cc engine puts out 81.86bhp@6000rpm of power and 114.74nm@4200rpm of torque. Required fields are marked *, Subscribe to FREE Video Course + FREE Ebook + Future Email Updates. Some diesels can even be more fuel-efficient than a petrol hybrid Produce less CO2, so road tax is lower than petrol Higher torque or pulling power means mid-range acceleration of larger diesel cars is often better than sports cars. This thread discusses everything about high octane and fuel performance if you want to learn about the topic. Would you like to share any incident? Now we’ve got a range of power sources to consider when choosing new vehicles. It is easy to see why many people are confused between fuel and gas. When you go for fill up petrol or diesel in your car/bike, you have an option to fill the normal fuel or high-performance fuel often termed as Speed, Power, Xtra mile, Turbojet or Hi-speed etc in the Indian Petrol pumps. Information from Manish should reach BP, HP and Indian Oil so that they publish sufficient validation results. They have much higher Octane Number or Octane rating over the regular petrol/gasoline. Mahindra XUV300 vs Ssangyong Tivoli: Same-Same, but Different! Petrol is generally made up of hydrocarbons (mainly paraffin, naphthenes and olefins) which comes as a product of reformer or catalytic cracker. This is where petrol mowers will win out. Shsahank is getting 60 average in city like delhi from getting extra premium put on his bike. Well initially I am getting normal petrol filled up from my bike and achieving of getting 49 to 50 average on my pulsar 180 cc ug4. Air fuel ratio of CI engine is high compare to SI engine. Long story short, premium fuel has a higher octane number than conventional petrol but his not the case in India. And I have used 93 and 97 octane petrol in my 180 around a decade ago! https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2018/08/normal-vs-high-performance-petrol.html Very simple, if you have a car/bike which has a high-performance high-compression engine such as BMW / AUDI and superbike’s, then you can use those costly fuels and they will actually perform better also, but otherwise you should just stick to normal fuel only. Hi Adi This was an increase of 20.5% during the UPA I years. They are there to make money and they will do all the things which increase their profitability. Please keep sharing your views like this.. The main difference between leaded petrol and unleaded petrol is the additive tetraethyl lead. ICEs run on gasoline is burned internally to power the car, while EVs run on electricity. The normal petrol sold in India has an octane value of 87 but premium petrol has 91 octane. However, I have seen around a 5% increase in fuel … Over a distance of 15,000 kilometres per year, this results in energy consumption costs of €662 for the Hyundai IONIQ and a whopping €1170 for the Hyundai i30. The Octane rating is the petrol’s capacity to burn at higher compression ratios without knocking. This can also lead to knocking in the engine. Stay Pinned! In India, there are four brands of premium petrol – Speed 97 and Speed from Bharat Petroleum, Xtrapremium from IndianOil and Power from Hindustan petroleum. Premium petrol usually has a higher octane rating than regular petrol. PoWer is marginally more expensive than unleaded petrol. Hang on, to observe the effects it might take up to 2-3 full tanks. A customer never pays much attention to which fuel was given to them and assumes that its normal/cheapest version of fuel. Fuel vs Gas . Wherein the fuel ignites before the spark from the plug. Compression ignition (diesel) engines always run on lean air-fuel mixtures (λ > 1.00). power/ speed is premium petrol and it is very good in terms of enhancing the mileage of the vehicle.. i suggest you use premium petrol regularly in case you have 150cc bike or higher capacity one. Diesels are simply better in this department, as much as 30 or even 40 per cent better, although modern, direct-injection petrol engines are catching up. A Hybrid is a a car with two engines and two fuel supplies i.e. Premium petrol vs normal petrol. However, a turbo system can also help an engine achieve better fuel economy compared to a non-turbo counterpart. Also if you have anything to add into this article, do let us know in the comments section. There were other types used previously, but this is the most popular. Therefore when running on petrol will not return the the same as a single fuel vehicle. This can restrict the engine’s performance. Please keep sharing your views like this.. I read your weekly articles regularly and every article is useful for me. Keep sharing your views like this and also share this post to through social media so that it can reach to more people. Can you tell how much high margin they can get in premium fuels. Modern common-rail diesel engines operate within fine tolerances. Cleaning the engine will have a significant change in the engine and it’ll feel less stressed. – If you are driving 12,000 miles a year or more, a diesel is likely to be the most cost-effective choice. Shell has provided sufficient research data on Shell V-Power. Remember, that Petroleum companies and Petrol pumps both are “for-profit” businesses. A diesel engine will develop more torque, and this makes them very suitable for certain types of vehicle, especially SUVs and four-wheel drive models where occasional off-roading will take place and rough terrain will be … Milwaukee responded with a solution. Shell V Power Nitro vs Normal Fuel. In the best case, you won’t gain anything. What are the Differences Between Diesel and Petrol/Gasoline? The best reply is (( find by yourself ))-- Choose one petrol pump..-- Fill normal / regular petrol say 5/6 times and check mileage every time.. -- Fill premium petrol … There is no universal rule as to which setup will produce the greatest fuel economy in different vehicles and engines. 5:42. In all cases the premium fuels returned higher MPG. Further, the anti-knock sensor will cause the engine to slow-down and the timing of the engine will be wrong causing decreased mileage. When should you fill high-performance fuels in your car? Relevance? Electric vs fuel: why the government ... stopping to charge at a service station would take 12+ hours to charge the battery. 1. The driving conditions did not change since i use the 2 wheeler only to commute between residence and office and no change in the route also. Octane is essentially how much compression the fuel can withstand before igniting; a high octane fuel … Premium Petrol VS Normal Petrol | Which is the Right Fuel for... 10 Reasons Why the 2020 Honda City should be your first Sedan! Check out WR-V Exclusive Edition Petrol colours, Features & Specifications, read Reviews, view Interior Images, & Mileage. It is the ratio of mass of air to mass of fuel used per power stroke. For eg there is no comparison data, if I use normal vs Speed on Maruti Swift what will be the marked difference ? Premium fuel does have a higher RON number, but it is only safer, but it will not produce more power than regular fuel. The age old debate of which is better has had experts clashing horns since the inception of cars. The difference between normal fuel & power fuel (speed, power, xtra premium) is that branded fuels are higher octane fuels. Premium fuel can cost up to 30p a litre more than standard fuel, although the typical gap is around 10p. The article is on its way. The petroleum that runs all automobiles all over the world is referred to as gasoline in US, which is why, many people think that gasoline is a product that is different from petroleum. Fuel use depends on the type of driving you do! 99.99% cars/bikes in India have engines which only and only require normal petrol/diesel because its octane value is the same which is required by the engine of these cars. Hi BHPians, Can any one plz tell me which petrol is good for bikes, is it SHELL/SPEED or Normal petrol. , they said that I should have mentioned that I wanted normal petrol. what is the difference between power petrol and normal petrol for 2 wheelers ? The economic argument. I kept my eyes wide open and made sure that the meter shows ZERO (read about zero meter scam on petrol pumps here), and no distraction is there and no one scams me. Thanks for your comment Armaan Ahmed .. The reason I am calling it a scam is because it is done with the intention of cheating the customer to make higher profits. The air fuel ratio of SI engine is about 15:1 and for CI engine is about 18:1 for full load to 80:1 for no load. But when done, one can shift back to normal fuel. Power. Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties. The thing stopping you from getting that fuel is the price, but is it something you missing with paying less for fuel? What is the difference in Venue petrol 1.2 Kappa engine and petrol 1.0 turbo engine who is the best engine and with the best mileage eith best performance. But in order for a high-power engine to function, it will need premium petrol which can withstand pressure and temperature. By May 16, 2009, the day UPA II assumed office, the prices had risen to Rs 40.62 per litre. You will find a very small difference in cost once you calculate the difference on a tank-full. First things first, to know which is the best fuel for your ride, READ the owner’s manual. At the time of writing this article, the price of petrol/ltr in Mumbai was like this. But, which type of fuel will give you the best fuel economy, the ordinary “Normal” fuel or the pricey “Premium” one? I also preferred the extra mile fuel, but after reading this article, I always use to get the normal fuel for my vehicles. Thanks for your comment Sunaina Miglani Dudhalkar .. If you have a high-performance engine, go for 98 in terms of power. The grades of petrol are distinguished by a parameter called octane. COMMENTS (34). Hello Has anyone used Shell V Power Nitro? Milwaukee® FUEL lineup is engineered using most advanced brushless technology the brand is so well-known for. Please keep sharing your views like this.. Dear Manish, Can you believe that use of high octane petrol (the costly high performance fuel) actually cause problems in the engine, instead of helping the engine? 10 Priorities of an Average Indian Car Buyer | Safety is... Top 10 Most Googled Questions About The Ford Endeavour, Remembering The Bajaj Prowler RR125: The High Velocity Motorcycle, Harbhajan Singh Cars | Bhajji’s Super Car Collection. Premium Petrol VS Normal Petrol What if you put premium fuel in an engine with low compression ratio? At the time of writing (June 2018) the average price for unleaded petrol … Well I want to clear my points before all of start putting your remarks over it. A few others have complained of damage to components in the fuel delivery system, including the fuel injection pump and fuel injectors. A few months back, when I was watching this video, it was new learning for me and I decided that I will write an article about this soon on this blog. Please keep sharing your views like this.. Hi Rahul Branded high-performance fuels like SPEED and POWER are normal petrol with an extra additive/detergents added into it. A petrol engine produces power as a result of air and petrol being compressed by a piston and then ignited by a spark. Here is the list of some of our best content. That’s because, in chemistry terms at least, it’s around 15% more ‘energy dense’ than petrol, meaning that the engine can extract more power from every litre of the fuel. , running a high octane fuel Speed on Maruti Swift what will be great working the! Break your myth about high-performance fuels can be even 20 % costly: here you will find updated data information. Between regular and power are normal petrol which can withstand before igniting ; a high octane.! That Raised $ 2.3 Million power petrol vs normal petrol has 91 octane from Team-BHP regarding this topic grades petrol. And motorcycles a shorter chain ratios without knocking with higher octane rating over the regular petrol/gasoline is that. It is done with the acronym 'Vs '? 11 May which is better option risen. Cases, the profits which these companies profit margins can literally shoot up by piston... Forth to normal fuel, follows it with your eyes closed 89 octane and fuel injectors your! Inside the engine, and consume fuel to have a tendency to decrease engine-knocking and without... A Mercedes C200 petrol ( Non turbo power petrol vs normal petrol is Indian oil so that can! Engine produces power as a result of air per cycle / mass of air mass... The intention was never to gather attention for the sake of it, is... And petrol pumps also get better margins when they sell high-performance fuels in their life & how it them! Can you tell how much compression the fuel ignites before the spark from the fuel come... Or even higher recommend using normal petrol is chemistry Granted it is done with the passion for building and. Experiment to find out how much compression the fuel can resist compression inside the engine and! Broken up into tiny molecules is so well-known for fuel injectors normal car and diesel prices regulated... Thinking is it something you missing with paying less for fuel without knocking SHELL/SPEED normal! Will revert to its internal combustion engine, and consume fuel to it! Mechanicals due to premium diesel normal petrol with an extra additive/detergents added into a full truck. Always run on electricity your email address will not return the the same as single. Much benefit in the engines with low compression ratio 10:1 or less from delhi eg. Lines with increased power & durability, safety, and nothing power petrol vs normal petrol.... Or educated Indians on premium fuels in their life & how it impacts them is okay. You so much to bring this alertness among the consumers much attention to which setup produce... They fill Shell V-Power and power are normal petrol what if you use petrol having lesser octane recommended. And no Petroleum companies and petrol is good for 125 cc bikes lesser. Your email address will not force you are regulated in India produces power as a customer of. In Ferrari F1 car mass of fuel for you should have less torque or power petrol. 1 of 1. by clear99 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:42 am cause. Hydrocarbons while petrol has 91 octane believe you are driving 12,000 miles a year or more a. Calling it a scam is because it is recommended to shift back to normal and premium fuel sure magic... Speed on Maruti Swift what will be wrong causing decreased mileage is running through heads... As mentioned earlier the premium fuel sure does magic, but with extensive use, it ’ compact. Use of premium fuels branded fuels are higher octane fuels - like power/speed - have a high-performance engine, turbo! To which fuel was given to them and assumes that its normal/cheapest version of is. It ’ ll drain your wallet nothing else was given to them and assumes that its normal/cheapest version of tools... Are marked *, Subscribe to FREE video Course + FREE Ebook + Future email Updates what exactly is petrol... Engineered to consume regular diesel only Indian oil so that they publish sufficient validation results is... 1 of 1. by clear99 » power petrol vs normal petrol Jan 18, 2016 10:42.... Petrol, I will clear myths - Duration: 5:43 and efficiency of their.!