The average house price in Cheapside Street, Eaglesham, Glasgow G76 is £340,988. There were still a dozen workers inside working overtime with a Customs Officer observing, so the possibility of a dropped cigarette or match was mentioned while clearly there had been some sort of leak from casks of whisky held upstairs. We were all in position when the explosion occurred. Of the 19 dead, 18 were married and in total they had 13 children. The fire at a whisky bond killed 14 fire service and 5 salvage corps personnel. ©Copyright 2001-2021. Locked in a separate desperate battle, the two main groups of firefighters attacked the blaze from Cheapside and Warroch Streets, but at first it was to no avail. Firefighters pay their respects to the men who lost their lives at the Cheapside Street disaster Today marks the anniversary of the Cheapside disaster that claimed the lives of 19 firefighters in Glasgow in 1960. Those ads you do see are predominantly from local businesses promoting local services. Noone knows the cause of the blaze at the Arbuckle and Smith whisky warehouse on March 28, 1960. A fleet of ambulances had been called in just after the explosion, but they left with only a few casualties. I heard screams and then there was a sudden silence.”, Driver Bob Scouller of the Glasgow Salvage Corps, remembered a horrible sight: “The buildings seemed to make me sort of shiver a wee bit. It must never be forgotten. Fireman William Watters received the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct. Cheapside St, Anderston Glasgow, Images, Development, Proposal, Property, Blocks, News, River Clyde building for Dandara – design by gm+ad architects, Scotland. “At present we are working with our clients and the city to get the density, mix and height absolutely right”. To me it wasn’t scary after that. ‘I saw a turntable ladder that had been in the middle of the street being completely enveloped by tons of fallen bricks, masonry and dust. He completed his Architecture degree in 1992, attending Manchester University. Adrian Welch was born in Kincardineshire, Scotland and attended school in Scotland. They were: Glasgow Fire Service Sub Officers James Calder and John McPherson and Firemen Christopher Boyle, Alexander Grassie, Edward McMillan, Ian McMillan, William Watson, John Allan, Gordon Chapman, William Crocket, Archibald Darroch, Daniel Davidson, Alfred Dickinson and George McIntyre, Glasgow Salvage Corps Deputy Salvage Officer, Superintendent Edward Murray, Leading Salvageman James McLellan and Salvagemen Gordon McMillan, James Mungall and William Oliver. The men who lost their lives on that dreadful night ranged in age from 24 to 54. A devastating explosion and fire in the whisky bond destroyed the building, its contents and adjacent buildings to the N., and caused serious damage to many other buildings in Cheapside Street and Warroch Street. We are part of the Ailsa group of companies which have been operating in the health & social care sector for over 25 years. Category On-line Digital Images. John Swanson recalled later: “There was a roar similar to thunder, and then a long ‘swish’ or ‘boom’ that caused me to look up and see what was happening. Strathclyde Partnership in Transport operates Park & Ride facilities at 3 Subway stations for as little as £2.60 all day: Bridge Street, Kelvinbridge and Shields Road.. Motorcycle Parking. I saw then that the wall of what I now know is Section 1 had collapsed. This fire was overshadowed only by a similar fire in James Watt Street (also in Glasgow) on 19 November 1968, when 22 people died. IT is a question I am often asked – when does an event become history? “It is to the great credit of the services that in spite of the knowledge of such a great tragedy, officers and men applied themselves to this tremendous task without any concern for their own personal safety and carried on throughout the night with such immense courage that they actually gained control of the fire situation for the first time at about 06.00.” The news of Britain’s worst peacetime loss of life for the fire services shocked the UK and beyond. Cheapside Street 50 Years on . The British Empire Medal for Gallantry was awarded to sub-officer Charles Neeson, firemen George Alexander and John Nicholson, and PC James Gribben. The explosion was followed by a blaze almost unprecedented in its ferocity. Bravery and Courage of Firefighters. I have heard a clever definition of history – something that’s old enough to have been forgotten. Plumbers. They were all gone.”. Fourteen firefighters and five members of the Salvage Corps died while tackling a blaze at the Arbuckle, Smith and Company whisky bond in Cheapside Street, Glasgow… Cheapside Streetin viskivaraston palo tapahtui 28. maaliskuuta 1960, kun Glasgow’n Cheapside Streetillä sijainneessa viskin säilytykseen käytetyssä tullivarastossa syttyi tulipalo noin kello 19.10. Cheapside Street Fire – 60 years since one of Britain's worst peacetime fire disasters The whisky bond blaze raged for a week and claimed the lives of 19 firefighters glasgowlive Steel Fabricators & Erectors. The cortege of all 19 coffins was almost 400 yards long and more than 1000 mourners took part in the procession to the Necropolis. Find average house prices, current average values and other historic property data with the … The Local Authority of Cheapside Street is East Renfrewshire. The first 999 call was received by the Fire Service just before 7.15pm and within three minutes, the fire service was on the scene. It is a high profile commission for one of the city’s most important and strategic sites, on the north bank of the Clyde immediately west of the Kingston Bridge. Collection John R Hume. They said: ‘Driver, could you get us an axe?’, “The four of them were buried right in front of my eyes. Here’s why... Wee Ginger Dug: British nationalism's bankruptcy is all around us. Cheapside Street fire, Glasgow. As a subscriber, you are shown 80% less display advertising when reading our articles. This devastating blaze at a whisky warehouse was one of the worst peacetime fires in British history: 19 members of the fire brigade and salvage corps were killed. Cheapside Street is within the Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency East Renfrewshire. The narrow streets and alleyways of Anderston made conditions almost impossible for fighting fires. “The resultant subsequent release of liquid whisky and inflammable vapour rendered immediate rescue operations impossible and this together with the fact that the teams on both sides of the building were instantly involved, prevented one body of men assisting the other. A Gannett Company. The area containing Cheapside Street, Glasgow, Scotland consists predominantly of flats, which is common in inner cities, student neighbourhoods and poorer suburban settings. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Glasgow Architects Offices: Design Practices, Glasgow Walking Tours: Tour Guide for Walks. Providing quality care throughout central Scotland. Building images from gm+ad architects 2006: Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop Architects have been appointed for the detailed design of a mixed development of two city blocks centred on Cheapside Street in Glasgow. Fuelled by spirits, blue flames erupted from the building and then orange flames shot hundreds of feet into the dark sky, lighting up Glasgow for many miles around. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. It was about 7.10pm on March 28, 1960, that a worker in an adjoining building, the Eldorado Ice Cream company, smelled fumes and he then noticed smoke pouring from the second floor window of the bonded warehouse of Arbuckle, Smith & Co Ltd at 76-118 Cheapside Street. If you are dissatisfied with the response provided you can contact IPSO here. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Web: Two “pumps” – the service name for fire engines – plus a turntable ladder and a fire boat, the St Mungo, arrived on the scene, joined by a tender and seven men of the Glasgow Salvage Corps. G3 8BH Glasgow. The whisky barrels were falling out of the building and bursting into flames. The last body was not recovered from the scene until three days after the fire. READ MORE: Glasgow whisky bond fire that killed 19 people is remembered 60 years on An explosion inside the building caused its 60ft walls to crash down into Cheapside Street and Warroch Street. It is important that we continue to promote these adverts as our local businesses need as much support as possible during these challenging times. Date 9/5/1966. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? View on map. On 28 March 1960, the Cheapside Street store made a profound mark on Glasgow. Assistant Firemaster John Swanson arrived and at 7.49pm he radioed in for five more pumps to be sent. The Cheapside Street project will be for the same clients. Parking in Glasgow Park and Ride. Get involved with the news in your community, This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. When I did so, I saw the entire frontage of Section 1 of the bond building blow out onto Cheapside Street. “As a gateway to the city” says Gordon Murray, “it will be the first major development that visitors arriving from the airport will see on entering the centre…so it has to be exceptional”. 14 members of Glasgow Fire Service died and 5 members of the Glasgow Salvage Corps also died. Scope and Content Anderston Cotton Work, 93 Cheapside Street, Anderston, Glasgow (City of Glasgow council area) This cotton-spinning mill was built for Henry … Bank holiday hours and tariffs: Open at standard Weekday times and tariffs. photo © Adrian Welch, Buildings / photos for the Cheapside Street Architecture page welcome. The funerals a week later were attended by representatives of every fire brigade in the country and more than 400 wreaths arrived from elsewhere in the UK and Europe. Inside the bond, casks of spirits began to rupture as the heat increased, and thousands of gallons of whisky and rum were spilling out while the fumes inside the building were building up. Trusted by over 3 million drivers across the UK. Even 60 years on, the scale of the disaster still has the power to shock. gm+ad Cheapside St Glasgow – Building images / information 30 Nov 2005, Glasgow Transport Museum Here’s why... Fireman James Dunlop, who won the George Medal for his bravery that night: said: “It was a very sudden and unexpected explosion that took us by surprise. The first call to the fire was at approximately 19:15 and 2 pumps and a turntable ladder (TL) were initially sent. Cheapside Street memorial 2017 Publish Date: 28 March 2017. Catalogue Number SC 587706. Why Ailsa Response. They could see the flames fanning out inside but were powerless to stop the spread. Hundreds of firefighters came from all over west central Scotland to help their colleagues in Glasgow, and thirty pumps, five turntable ladders and four support vehicles attended. The Glasgow Fire Service were called to a fire within a bonded whiskey storage warehouse at Cheapside Street, Glasgow. The fireboat ‘St Mungo’ was also sent and a salvage tender from The Glasgow Salvage Corps also attended. As the 60th anniversary of the disaster approaches, I thought it appropriate to revisit the history of this tragic event which saw 19 members of the Glasgow Fire Service and the Glasgow Salvage Corps killed in an explosion at a bonded warehouse on Cheapside Street in the Anderston riverside area of the city. Cheapside Street. It took until 6am the following morning to do so, and even then the “damping down” operations went on for a week. These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience – the local community. In his statement to the later inquiry into the fire, he wrote: “I heard a rumble and a crash of walls collapsing. Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop Architects have been appointed for the detailed design of a mixed development of two city blocks centred on Cheapside Street in Glasgow. Even as he was finishing his call, a massive explosion took place which sent the walls of the No. CITY firefighters will today remember the brave men who tragically died while on duty in the Cheapside Street disaster in Glasgow 60 years ago. ; All of our candidates meet a strict vetting process and will have previous experience within the health or social care sector. “It will be a complex mix of residential, retail and commercial buildings “adds Alan Dunlop. At the memorial service in Glasgow Cathedral, its minister the Rev Dr Nevile Davidson said of the dead that they had shown “A shining example of duty done to the utmost of courage undaunted by danger of self-sacrifice.”. This was now a conflagration almost out of control, and the firefighters had to leave the bodies of their dead colleagues under the rubble, knowing that no one could have survived the collapse of the wall. Published from its offices at 200 Renfield Street Glasgow and printed in Scotland by Newsquest (Herald & Times) a division of Newsquest Media Group Ltd, registered in England & Wales with number 01676637 at Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe HP10 9TY – a Gannett company. Description Glasgow, 93 Cheapside Street, Houldsworth's Cotton Mill View from NW showing floor construction during demolition. Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Preservation Group (now Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Heritage Trust) were delighted to be asked to visit St. Patricks and the Anderston Primary Schools in Glasgow as part of the Cheapside Project.. By chance, Princess Margaret was in the city for an engagement and she was visibly shocked when she went to visit the scene. There was nothing I could do. It is envisaged that Detailed Planning Consent will be sought in the Spring following the model of the Masterplan approval obtained for the site in 2003. gm+ad are currently on site with Glasgow Harbour phase 2 for Dandara Ltd. The possibility of arson, perhaps for insurance, was raised but discounted and most theories later centred on a the likelihood of an electrical fault. Capitalism will survive the coronavirus crisis. Cheapside Street is … The simple answer I give is that if an event has been written and recorded then it is already history, but I realise that if that event is only a few days old then it is hardly historical. Had the explosion occurred about 10 minutes later the death-roll might well have been in the region of 50 to 60. “As it was, a large percentage of the crews making the initial response were involved in the explosion which affected both sides of the building simultaneously and the 19 personnel who we were killed were among those who arrived on the fire ground in the first 10 minutes. Police seized the huge haul of Class B drugs, which have an estimated street value of £1.4m, on Cheapside Street on Monday February 4 after a tip off from a member of the public. People in a crowd estimated to be 20,000 strong stood five deep behind the firefighters who lined the route. As the Fire Service responded, it became clear that the fire was turning into a major blaze and the call “make pumps five” went out from the chief officer on the scene at 7.21pm. The men died in an explosion as they fought a blaze at a whisky warehouse. The warehouse was about 400ft by 110ft and was on several levels as it had been concocted from different buildings. After a year-out working as an architectural assistant in Manchester he attended The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, where he did a Diploma in Architecture. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. Glasgow’s reputation as “tinderbox city” was not quite established at that point but the service had attended three fires at whisky premises in the previous week. This site is part of Newsquest's audited local newspaper network. Directions to Cheapside Street (Glasgow) with public transport The following transport lines have routes that pass near Cheapside Street Bus: 1B , 38 , 38B , 500 , 9 , X10 , X19 , X8 READ MORE: Royal Society of Arts calls for training amid automation rise. Cheapside Street fire, Glasgow. Firefighters went inside but could see no serious flames at first, and meanwhile crews arrived to check out claim that smoke was issuing from the rear of the bond in Warroch Street. Cheapside Street Fire Disaster. Cheapside veterans attended a wreath-laying ceremony at Glasgow's Necropolis, followed by a service at Glasgow Cathedral. George Medals went to Station Officer Peter McGill and fireman James Dunlop, the latter for rescuing a colleague from a collapsing turntable. The Cheapside Street whisky bond fire in Glasgow on 28 March 1960 was Britain's worst peacetime fire services disaster. In a research paper published later in the year, Glasgow’s Firemaster Martin Chadwick recalled how close the dear green place came to a “major disaster” that could have seen many dozens killed and a whole swathe of the city destroyed: “While expressing very deep regret at the loss of so many valuable officers and men, I am very conscious that in some measure we were fortunate that the loss of life was not even greater. There are 3 ways to get from Glasgow Central Station to Cheapside Street whisky bond fire by bus, taxi or foot. It took us a few moments to realise that it had occurred. Find parking in Cheapside St, with access to an unrivalled choice of the best spaces. View on map. Slowly but surely the firefighters managed to get the fire under control. photo © Adrian Welch, Commonwealth Games Stadium 1 warehouse crashing down into Cheapside Street, right on top of the turntable ladder and three pumps. Please note that the figures may include adjacent streets - see the Summary tab for an explanation and map of the area that these figures cover. In an instant, hundreds of tons of masonry pitched onto the street, killing the men gathered there to fight the fire. Station Officer Peter McGill was actually inside the warehouse when the explosion came. Data returned from the Piano 'meterActive/meterExpired' callback event. Brownie Bear: Yhe fire broke out on 28th March 1960 and continued to smoulder for the best part of a week. We provide staff on a temporary, permanent and contract basis to a wide range of clients within Health & Social Care Sector. “I ran around in the direction from which I had heard the cry for help, and I saw the turntable ladder was engulfed by masonry.”. It is a high profile commission for one of the city’s most important and strategic sites, on the north bank of the Clyde immediately west of the Kingston Bridge. Whilst engaged in a protracted and very serious fire in a whisky storage warehouse, a sudden and massive explosion occurred resulting in the instantaneous deaths of fourteen Firefighters of the Glasgow Fire Service and five members of the Glasgow Salvage Corps. The people of Glasgow and many other parts of Scotland responded to the tragedy by raising funds for the families of the bereaved. In the middle of the night, tens of thousands of people in the city and beyond got out of their beds to watch the blaze lighting up the sky over Glasgow, with the smell of burnt sugar and spirits could be sensed many miles downwind. A requiem mass had taken place earlier in the day at St Andrew’s Cathedral where a message of sympathy from Pope John XIII was read to the congregation. Ailsa Assist / Ailsa Response are divisions of Ailsa Care Services It was like bombs going off.”. READ MORE: Capitalism will survive the coronavirus crisis. READ MORE: Fraser of Allander Institute dismisses Scotland-Ireland tunnel. I said to myself ‘I’m going back.’ I turned and I started to walk back up, and as I came near the turntable ladder there were four firemen. Find the travel option that best suits you. View prices, availability and restrictions for on-street and off-street options, from public car parks to private driveways - or reserve a guaranteed space in advance. These two schools are on the doorstep of Cheapside Street and are directly involved in The Cheapside Project. Fifty-seven years ago, today, a blaze in a bonded warehouse in Glasgow claimed the lives of 19 Fire Service personnel, making it Britain's worst peacetime fire services disaster. The scale of operations at Arbuckle Smith was in a different league to most such premises – over one million gallons of whisky was contained in 21,000 wooden casks, with 30,000 gallons of rum also on the site. There were many awards for bravery. Firefighting history: March 28, 1960. Fourteen firefighters and five members of the Salvage Corps died tackling a blaze at a whisky bond in Cheapside Street, on 28 March 1960. 55 CHEAPSIDE STREET. There was a determination to beat this fire. To this day, no one knows what caused the blaze. The first turntable ladder had taken up position in Cheapside Street and firefighters there found a real problem – the tight security demanded of any bond meant that windows were barred and doors locked tight. Fourteen firefighters and five members of the Salvage Corps died while tackling a fire at the Arbuckle, Smith and Company … READ MORE: Wee Ginger Dug: British nationalism's bankruptcy is all around us. We all ran out and I heard a cry of ‘Help!’. Expiry times: "All Day" expires at 23:59 for the day applicable The cheapest way to get from Glasgow Queen Street to Cheapside Street whisky bond fire costs only £1, and the quickest way takes just 4 mins. Noin kello 19.49 varastolla tapahtui suuri räjähdys, joka sai varaston päätyseinät Cheapside Streetillä ja Warroch Streetillä romahtamaan. The Cheapside Street fire razed an area of Glasgow to the ground and cost the lives of nineteen men. The Cheapside fire. Motorcycle parking is available in Cambridge Street and High Street car parks. This was an organisation paid for by insurance companies to try and limit the damage in cases of fire. Yet there are some events which by their very nature should never be forgotten and later this month in Glasgow, a commemoration will take place of one such event – the Cheapside Street Fire Disaster of March 28, 1960.