The ATF performs their review and emails back the tax stamp. The electronic filing is designed to be more efficient and accurate and will allow ATF to process the submissions more efficiently. If you have more than one caliber, you can list the additional calibers in Box 4h or you can list them on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to your Form 4. From here, a three step wizard will walk you through the process. Regarding the NFA applications most relevant to the Option Gray audience, only Form 1 applications are available on the eForms web-portal at this time. We have seen that it can reduce the time from 9-12 months to 3-6 months. The NFA subreddit has a thread on recent approvals. Now you can login with your new username and password. You will then use the scrolling ATF eForm selector in the middle of the page to select which form you want to eFile for. Recently, the ATF expanded the system to allow efiling of Form 1 and Form 4. First, prior to the change, applicants using a trust were still required to fill out a 4473 and pass a NICS check. It is best to take your cards to your local police department to have them inked. Click the “Next” button to continue. Then click the ‘Pay’ button. Note: There is a 3MB maximum for each of these files. For example, if the manufacturer or model number is not listed, then you can supply digital images of the manufacturer or model number.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'optiongray_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',146,'0','0'])); Click “Finish” to continue. CAUTION: Make sure to complete all the necessary biographical information on the fingerprint cards to include signatures, your social security number, etc. Clicking the eye icon in the ‘Actions’ column will let you look over your submitted form. Using an eForm to file your Form 1 or Form 4 can save several months processing time. Hit the ‘Register’ button and wait for that beautiful confirmation email. It does not store your application until late in the process.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'optiongray_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_10',141,'0','0'])); The first step in the Form 1 process is to select the Application Type. Prior to beginning your EForms 1 submission, disable your browsers pop-up blockers. If necessary, you can click on the “Forgot User Name?” and “Forgot Password?” links to recover your username or password. Social Security Number (See instructions 3C). Yet, if you live in the United States, legally making a rifle with short barrel requires an application process that makes car loan and college application processors jealous. If this is your first time logging in, the left side of the splash screen under ‘My Forms’ should be blank. My first application was a test in patience. 2. Example: “All Lawful Purposes”. You need to protect against constructive possession. Follow the instructions to complete the form. There’s nothing fancy expected here, just take a picture with your phone and crop it into a square. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to e-sign your atf form 2: Select the document you want to sign and click Upload. What are the Best Bartering Items for Prepping and SHTF? Now answer the drop down questions about your past. Click on the “Trust” radio button, then click the “Next” button to continue. After selecting the ATF eForm … The second option for fingerprint cards is to use a local gun store that has the appropriate kiosk. The following steps walk you through the eForms process. I highly recommend using a method that contains a tracking number. ALWAYS use the information exactly as it is engraved on your firearm. This brings you back to the Firearms dialog. Registering requires you to enter all of the standard biographical information and to pick a password. Hit the button for that option and have your name (or the name of your trust), the serial number of the firearm\suppressor, and, for a Form 4, the name and address of the shop you are buying the device from. Fill out the required information: The CLEO page fills out the CLEO page. Click on it and begin your journey. Choose My Signature. You must navigate to Form 1–ATF F 5320.1. Otherwise have a tolerance for re-entering data once you are logged out. Make sure you double check your information at every step along the way. Fast forward to the doldrums of 2020. All Responsible Persons must be listed on this page and their 5320.23 forms uploaded using the ‘Choose File’ button seen below. Enter all of your billing information in the fields below. Once they’ve start processing, you’ll receive an update email with the cover letter containing mailing instructions for your fingerprints, and a Control Number. Can we all agree that paying a $200 tax and waiting six to nine months to cut a rifle barrel from 16.1 inches to 14.5 inches is extremely ridiculous? by David M. Goldman. These specific weapons are roughly described as: One of the purposes of the 1934 act was to make NFA weapons prohibitively expensive. OPEN EMAILS USING A COMPUTER. If you already have a username and password you will need to login. Suppressors are no different. Likewise, you can add new members to the trust via a simple amendment. ATF EForms Site: The ATF’s Eform website is far from perfect, but it beats using paper forms. Only sign on Page 3 Box 20 if you are paying with a credit card. Ok, kidding aside. caliber, mm, inch, etc.). I had all the parts assembled with the exception of the buttstock. I purchased my first suppressor in about 5 minutes from my local Class III dealer. There is bad information everywhere. Input your user name and password. If you exceed 3MB, they will be rejected.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'optiongray_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_15',143,'0','0'])); First click the “Add” button to add a row for a responsible person. This is the situation where you have the parts and the means to assemble an NFA firearm without the proper tax stamp. You may recognize this page as being similar to the Form 4473 criminal history questionnaire. Being the name of your trust, along with […] However, this information assists … Enter an answer for ‘State Why You Intend To Make Firearm’. There are “special instructions” for individuals, mostly to … A status of Error indicates that the paperwork has an error that will need to be corrected. The digital photograph required should be of passport quality. PRO TIP: “Yes Please” is not an available answer for the ‘Sex’ question. The eForm process supports a series of electronic form submissions. Plan accordingly. system distributed by ATF. As soon as your first and last name are … If you are filing as an entity, make sure you have your trust or incorporation documents available for upload. This page must be completed by one of the trustees. First, add in the manufacturer for your firearm. I gladly hit the Reddit site several times a week to see a pending date that approaches my application. You may have to manually agree to “show pop-up windows” in the browser header bar. As Y2K-ish as the system feels, it is still a lot more up to date than filling out paperwork. This act placed a tax on the ownership of specific firearms. Click the ‘Sign & Submit’ button upon returning to the ‘Certify’ screen. Mail the completed package to the ATF at the address included in the document. With a little preparation, you can take full advantage of the process and get on your way to enjoying NFA fun much sooner than via the paper route. 3. When this process is complete, click the “Sign and Submit” button. Every time I open the safe to prepare for a range trip, I always grab either a suppressor or an SBR. Refer to your internet browser instructions on how to disable popup blockers. Hit the ‘Add Firearm’ button at the left/middle of the screen to start entering the identifying information for the NFA item you will be making. The code will verify as ‘FORM 1 REGISTRATION’. On the next screen there is a series of drop down menus. This includes buying a suppressor, SBR, or SBS. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Almost immediately after clicking ‘SUBMIT’, you should receive an email showing that your applications is now in the ‘SUBMITTED/IN PROCESS’ status. 3. All thanks to the eForms process. My latest eForm Form 1 application took a little over 20 days. The good news is that the ATF has a small staff dedicated to answering your questions. Most of these applications are for SBRs or suppressors. After that, your atf form 2 is ready. We cut through all the nonsense to help you get better equipped for life. Important: The ATF requires all signatures to be in either blue or black ink. It includes a tracking number so you can make sure your package is delivered. Click “Next” to continue. So, for those of you who still want a rifle with a stock or a vertical fore grip, the following TFB Tutorial on the ATF EForm system may help you get your tax stamp faster than the paper submission process. If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it’s a forum that covers every topic under the sun, including NFA firearms. Leave Reply Cancel reply. Each allows you to parse the available forms. The Form 1 (5320.1) is the third option, or the first green icon. Enter your CLEO’s information here. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'optiongray_com-leader-3','ezslot_12',133,'0','0']));Read and accept the warning. Each has slightly different instructions that are explained in the linked video. This box is not required to be filled out. And then enter the proper information. ... ATF Form 1 is an Application to Make and Register a Firearm. What is an ATF Form 1? This starts the clock ticking. This part is fairly self explanatory. In 2013, the ATF implemented a electronic submission system for National Firearms Act applications as well as other regulatory requirements. This tab is fairly self explanatory. Before completing this page, you will need two digital documents for each applicant. The two steps are to identify the manufacturer and then add the details. The Electronic Document page is for the submission of the electronic version of your trust. Likewise, my first Form 1 took 9 months. Approved is the status that you have been waiting for. Filing as an individual is exactly as it sounds like. You then separately mail-in fingerprint cards. For example, if you live in Texas and purchase a suppressor from us, we will submit a Form 4 to handle that transfer. The only issue with adding NFA firearms to your collection is time. The transfer becomes the responsibility of your beneficiary. You can purchase the parts and when the ATF approves your application, you complete the final assembly. Unfortunately, the 41F rule change requirements all but killed the EForm system for consumer use. the case where I shortened the barrel of an AR). Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Martinsburg. There are three variants; a typed, drawn or uploaded signature. You just need to follow this easy step-by-step guide and you will be on your way to the fun and utility of NFA firearms. Everyday Carry Essentials – Must Have EDC Items. Note: If necessary you can break your trust into multiple documents. Log in to eForms and select the appropriate form to file In this case, we’re filing a Form 1, as an individual. Note: Our content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links in this post that we may earn a commission. A part of the purchase process includes your local gun store filing the Form 4 paperwork and keeping the device during the waiting period (NFA Jail). ATF will utilize the email address associated to your EForms account. Mail your two cards and the cover sheet to the address listed below your name. Print out a copy and include it with two fingerprint cards for each responsible person. Start by printing out the attached cover letter. Let’s take this EForm process step by step, shall we. The first step is to click the “Add Firearm” button. Handing an NFA item to a prohibited person, trustee or not, was and still is against federal law. September 14, 2019: ATF releases revised ATF 5320.23 that includes information that is found on the eForm 1 application (shown below): 5. Those collect different biographic data. It’s like magic. [email protected], pick up an inkless fingerprint pad like this one. Before you can submit the application, you must click the “Pay” button to submit your tax payment. Via the portal, you input device information, trust information (where applicable), background information, and provide a photograph. This example is carried out as a trust application. This is the person who is formally applying in the name of the trust. Create your e-signature and click Ok. Press Done. You will get a copy of this for notification of your CLEO. This is slightly complicated if you pass away. Why use the EForm system? For more accurate information regarding ATF wait times, please reffer to our ATF Wait Times page. Get better equipped for life with the best insights from law enforcement, military, industry experts, and inspiring people. Just make sure you write “See Attached List” in Box 4h. Having had a few error corrections of my own, I highly suggest taking a picture of the serial number and the manufacturing markings on your firearm. This can either be your local chief or the head of your local state police barracks. Click on the ‘SUBMITTED/IN PROCESS’ category under ‘My Forms’ on the left hand side of the screen. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'optiongray_com-box-2','ezslot_5',139,'0','0']));Firearms aren’t just tools; they are also fun. Let me be clear, no one is promising you three-week approvals. CAUTION: Don’t forget to mail the CLEO portion of your form to the person/address you listed in that section. All official guidance can be found in the instructions on the Form 1 or through the ATF EForm system. In summary, they have devised a process which allows the Responsible Person Questionnaire form(s) ( Form 23 ) to be uploaded, along with … We’ll never sell or share your information. Until then, it’s your turn. This page captures the biographic data for each trustee and identified responsible person. My only recommendation is do not use a generic trust. And, for the time being, EForm Form1 applications are seeing one to three week approvals. Or you can buy some on Amazon here. Enter ‘FMI’ and click ‘Verify Manufacturer’. Use this step-by-step instruction to complete the Atf form 3210 1pdffillercom promptly and with excellent accuracy. Short Barreled Rifle), Model: Select the model of your lower/firearm from the dropdown box, Caliber: Select the caliber from the drop-down box–Note: Multi-caliber is no longer an accepted value, Unit of Measure: Select the unit of measure of for the caliber value (e.g. If all goes well, you’ll receive an email informing you that your form’s status has been changed to ‘APPROVED’. The next window, Electronic Documents, is for further clarification of any data in the details. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: JOIN . Use a web browser or a computer to view and download the attachments. There are five sections on the eForms version of ATF Form 1, and then a final step where you pay the tax: Application: You tell the ATF what type of application you’re submitting. In most cases, this includes drilling out the core of the baffles. All members of the trust are extended the right for use and possession of the NFA items attached to the trust. As a maker who is not applying on behalf of a government agency, you have to pay the $200 tax to make an NFA Firearm. The field may start to auto populate; once entered hit the Verify Manufacturer button. It is not a process you complete at home. You will need to add an entry for each responsible person. You don’t have to set an ‘Internal Control Number’ but it is helpful if you are planning on submitting multiple forms. All preorders are in the process of being filled. If this is your first NFA purchase, you will need to make one other decision. As a part of the application process, one of the trust members applies, however, all trust members are subject to the ATF background check process. Read on to get more details about electronic submission of the different ATF forms. The fingerprint cards in question are FBI FD-258 Applicant cards. The starter packs will be mailed out no later than July 31st. You can get this at any local photo shop or many pharmacies have passport photo capabilities. You will need to re-enter your password for verification and certification purposes. Click ‘Finish’ and all the information on your firearm should now show up as a Line Item on the splash screen. Your local FFL/SOT also may have some they are willing to donate to your cause. Click the “Next” button to continue. Moving down the line, it’s highly recommended that you include your social security number. The screenshot below shows the ATF’s instructions for the new eForm 1 process from the eForms site. The EForm system is down all day every Wednesday. 2. You can contact the ATF at 1 (304) 616-4500. Or a curse. For that reason alone I am going to suggest everyone use the AT EForms system. Please note: this process requires FBI certified scanners and printers. Login: Using your … Mail in finger print cards with the cover letter to the ATF address printed on the cover letter. If you are looking at a Form 4 right now or planning too soon, congratulations on your NFA item purchase, and we hope you’ll enjoy it for many yeas to come! ATF's Form 1 is actually ATF Form 5320.1. An error will slow your approval time and increase your frustration levels. If you need assistance with eForms, send an email to ATF e-Forms; ATF e-Forms. And the ‘Ask The Experts’ tab is very useful – I received answers to my questions in a short amount of time (more on that later). However, the system became overwhelmed and was taken back offline. Note: The time period for preordering the new ATF Form 4473 has closed. Instructions 3C state: "Social Security Number and UPIN. My early plan for firearm ownership was modest by most standards. The Social Security number and UPIN are not required. Click the radio button next to “Tax Paid ($200)”. As a refresher, the rule change known as ATF 41F in July of 2016 required all applicants to undergo a background check, including entities like trusts and corporations. How to Electronically File Your ATF Form 1(eForm) NFA wait times are the stuff of legend and infamy. 512-931-4556; … With individual ownership that is one set of cards. The trust can therefore sell and transfer the devices as needed. Start by entering FFL information (if you have a license). When the second waiting period is driving you nuts, wait a little longer. The disadvantage of this process is time. I will cover the most common instance that builds upon an existing lower, or an existing firearm is modified (e.g. PRO TIP: Copy your spouse on the $200 transaction for maximum transparency. When you go to submit your forms, the system may or may not be available. A carry pistol, a .22, a hunting rifle, and a defensive rifle. With the eForm Form 1 process, there’s no longer a significant barrier to getting into your own NFA goodies!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'optiongray_com-small-rectangle-1','ezslot_27',153,'0','0'])); Improve your mindset, capabilities, training, and gear. HAM Radio for Beginners – Prepping and HAM Radio, Urban Survival Gear List – Urban Survival Kit Essentials. Fill out all required information and they will send you a confirmation email. CAUTION: If you are blocking pop-up windows, the payment screen will not show up. This has removed the time barrier for thousands of applicants. You are the sole “responsible person,” owner, and therefore allowed possessor of any NFA device you buy. The ATF’s eForms system has been experiencing some growing pains. When the time comes to transfer ownership, you act as the dealer and responsible for filling out the Form 4 paperwork. These are not criminal cards. Assuming you are building a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) select that option from the ‘Product Type’ menu. In short, you don’t need a trust, but it makes transferring your devices a little easier.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'optiongray_com-leader-1','ezslot_9',126,'0','0'])); There are many online trusts available that make the process easy. They are just a lot of fun to shoot (or so says my ammo budget). In addition, at the moment approvals are running around 21-28 days start to finish. ATF has implemented a receipt that will be emailed to you. teaching and coaching), in financial positions (e.g. On Page 1 Box 7 sign your name and add “as trustee” at the end. Support. It probably has something to do with maintenance, the tides or solar flares. Below, attachments. Use trusts specifically designed for NFA firearms. On that day, Title II weapons were subject to a $200 tax for ownership. A status of None indicates that they have not yet received the application (it’s in the mail) or they have received it, but they haven’t cashed the check yet. Whereas companies like SB Tactical have done a great job in showing us that the NFA laws and regs are arbitrary and don’t do anything to prevent violent crime, the law of the land is that rifles with barrel lengths shorter than 16” and shotguns with barrel lengths shorter than 18” need a tax stamp. In this example we will discussing the details of the ATF 5320.1. For 12 months I was out the money for the suppressor and all I got for it was bi-monthly trips to the dealer to wonder how great it would be to take it to the range. This is your normal account password that you used to log in.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'optiongray_com-sky-4','ezslot_26',149,'0','0'])); Your submission will be confirmed and within a few hours you should receive a confirmation email. Go forth and NFA. If you are making a silencer or are using a home built firearm (80% lower build), select the ‘Manufacturer Code’ radio button. For these applications, I’ve waited 12 months, 9 months, and 4 months.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'optiongray_com-portrait-1','ezslot_20',127,'0','0'])); The eForms process uses a web-portal for much of the form’s processing. Posted November 7, 2018 in Editorial, News, NFA / Suppressors / Class III, Rifles by Pete with No CommentsTags: eforms, tutorial. Or use one of the many passport photo apps on Google Play or the Apple App Store. The first real data entry page is the “Responsible Persons” page. When you have waited, wait a little more.

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