9 Best Educational Toys for 3-year-olds to Promote Development. Power up your child’s imagination with this Design & Drill Toolkit from Educational Insights. Pin 1K. posted by : Lily Zunic. Best Waldorf Toys for 1-3 Year Olds. The blocks vary in shapes and sizes and can come together in numerous ways. ... Montessori 3-5, Toddler. The blocks help your child differentiate between color and size. Whether it's teaching them problem solving or further developing their fine motor skills, there are plenty of kid-friendly toys that make learning fun and approachable. This teaches kids to identify what colors are alike, and which are different, a very basic but important skill to master in their early years. Required fields are marked *. The arched color blocks allow imagination to take over, with so many possibilities. Here, a roundup of some of the best Montessori toys for a range of toddler ages. Kids go crazy for hammering activities. They’ll also engage in imaginative play, which is so important for children’s development. As they grow the shapes and numbers might become second nature, but pre-school age kids will be able to start telling time without a digital clock, an important skill to instill in young kids. This wooden shape and tile matching game is an excellent sensory shape game, which works on reinforcing your child’s cognitive development skills. They have rubber bottoms to prevent slipping and four various sizes depending on the child’s age. Load up the wooden shapes into the canvas drawstring (this is very handy for storage after you have finished playing as well) and place one of the 20 tiles in front of your child. Spread the love. Montessori gifts for 1-year-olds. The set includes numbered bricks, which can be connected up with their matching corresponding pictured bricks. How do you choose a toy for your child? Magnet Toys for 3 Year Old Boys and Girls Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles STEM Learning Toys Montessori Toys for Toddlers Kids 4.7 out of 5 stars 200 $37.99 $ 37 . Remember to always offer developmentally appropriate playthings: A one-year-old toddler needs very different stimulation from her toys than a 3-year-old toddler. Hello and welcome! Your child will be too busy having fun with the set to realize that they are actually learning and building on so many important skills, as they build up their tall 3-D structures. Do you like spending time gardening? This award-winning activity toy for your 3-year-olds come with all the equipment needed to build on your child’s co-ordination, fine motor and creative thinking skills, all in a fun and engaging manner. Not only will they practice sorting the colors based on the color of the cup, but can also practice stacking cups, teaching them to balance, coordination, and more. This light-hearted story of Humpty Dumpty and his cousins is a gentle way to introduce and talk about these different emotions with your child. This 16-piece set has tons of options to inspire imaginative play within your child, which is the foundation of Montessori. This toy is ideal for children 12 months to 3 years old. Snap on one of the 3 different drill bits to the reversible power drill or screwdriver, grab a handful of the brightly colored bolts and off you go. Available for purchase here: United States | Canada | United Kingdom. Not only will they practice sorting the colors based on the … After putting together a list of our favorite toys for 1-year-olds and 2-year-olds, we grew a little and now we are ready for best educational toys for 3-year-olds! Here are some age-appropriate Montessori toys for babies, toddlers, and kids: For Babies. Using this Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards set provides a fun and engaging way to work on shape recognition and spatial relations with your child. Another great toy from Melissa & Doug, My First Daily Magnetic Calendar is an excellent way to introduce the concept of days of the week and the date with your child. Help your child develop their fruit and vegetable recognition along with color recognition with these sorting baskets. It is an ideal toy to bring out and about when you are going to a restaurant or a friends house, as it comes neatly packaged in it’s own clear carry bag with secure snap closure pockets. Not only are the instruments good quality with a nice sound, but they appear to be smaller versions of the real deal rather than plastic replicas that barely play music. The package includes a peg doll for play along with the tree set, swing, and several other items that can be used in a variety of ways. Musical instruments are a wonderful Montessori toy option, allowing children to explore sound as well as develop their motor skills by playing. Once they have completed this, then move on to the next tile until they are all completed. The 10 best Montessori toys for toddlers—age 2-3 - Motherly The stepping stones are a toy that can keep any child occupied for hours on end. The eco-friendly set is entirely waste and plastic free and is built to last for years. Puzzles can be tricky for little ones until their fine motor skills and spacial recognition are more developed, but as it goes with most things in life, practice makes perfect. After the puzzle is completed, they can dump it out and do it again. Share; Pin; Email; Print I would love to share with you a set of DIY Montessori Inspired activities that’s been on the shelves of my 2.5-year-old daughter. Designed for kids age 3 and up, this Montessori toy helps to develops hand-eye coordination and critical thinking. Each bee in this matching toy corresponds to one of the spaces in the hive, as marked by color. Before I share this list of our favorite Montessori-inspired toys for 5 year olds and … We believe in: PLAYING IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS! Role-play is an excellent way to encourage your child to talk about and then understand their feelings. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. The toy helps develop balance, reflex, and build confidence and creativity as they build their own obstacle course. There’s a nice variety of instruments so your toddler can learn various tones and sounds and your child won’t get bored with just one or two instruments. I’ve seen children from 2 years old work out how the shapes fit together and the older children like to follow a template or make their own creations. November 12, 2018 Posted by Rebekah Gienapp Kids' Gift Guides, Montessori 2 Comments. We have a wide range of additional toy gift ideas for 3 year old boys and girls to choose from. Kids will enjoy playing with 6 toy wooden eggs, matching egg cups and storybook in this Eggspressions – Game of Feelings. This toy is best suited for children three years and older. The cleaning kit inspires pretend play as well as helps with coordination and fine motor skills. Check our list of the best learning toys for 3 year old kids! The Best Montessori Toys For Babies. Best Montessori gifts for any age. It includes a wagon base, 2 window elements and a dog as well as a wide selection of other DUPLO bricks for your child to build and create with. The toy helps with fine motor skills and development as children can learn how to hammer the balls, play the sounds on the xylophone and chase and place the balls where they belong. Most commercial toy manufacturers would have us believe that the best toys for 3-6 year olds are based on cartoon characters or interactive computer and TV programs. As a bonus, this toy comes with a handy suitcase and kids can take it with them when you travel! They can they work away at designing their very own patterns as they get older and more confident. Available for purchase here: United States | Canada | United Kingdom. 99 How adorable are these Teeny Tiny Quadruplets Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny and Tiny! This is a great way to expand vocabulary, work on motor skills (as they place the veggies into each basket) and learn patterns by identifying fruits and vegetables of the same color. Save for later or share with your friend. Whilst they play they are also working on number recognition, counting and basic sorting skills. Even while he’s having fun, our son is learning, not just being entertained. The puzzle is well made with high-quality wood and soft edges, perfect for a small child. Then when they are comfortable with the equipment, they can have even more fun creating their own designs. Wedgits – this sequencing toy has endless possibilities. They can practice by washing their toys and the pretend dishes and utensils that come with the set in a safe environment. If you’re looking to buy some Montessori approved toys for your tot, the Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game is a wonderful option. Providing access to educational toys for 3-year-olds crates a natural teaching environment. They are designed to ignite a baby’s curiosity without overwhelming them. If you're looking to keep your child calm and focused, especially on the go, a Montessori counting or sorting toy is a wonderful solution. This Montessori inspired clock toy will grow with your child as it included 12 removable blocks that they can use as early as 12 months old, learning to identify shapes and colors. Share 44. Giving children a sense of purpose has been proven to help with their behavior and is also a nice form of entertainment. I test toys year round and have been doing so for years. The best Montessori baby toys are simple with a calm aesthetic. This puzzle requires some brainpower and can be used for a wide variety of ages, creating a calm and focused play environment. It also helps fire the connections in their brain as they relate to motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Encourage your child to join you. Kids will love learning with this Muyindo Montessori Wood Blocks Puzzle Board Set. Wooden puzzles are such a good investment, as they can be enjoyed by lots of children over many years. Fine Motor Hammering. Younger kids can simply use their hands to place the bee in the correct spot, while older kids will love the challenge of using the tweezer, a real fine motor challenge for those who are advanced. The puzzles are each made with bright, bold and vibrant colors that kids will love. Once your child gets to the end, they might have to move some pieces around to make the final pieces work, making it a real challenge. They challenge a child while also providing hours of fun. It is also a useful tool to encourage communication with your child, as it can be used in the lead up to special events such as birthdays and trips. this Montessori approved number sorter and stacker. Manipulating the small pegs into the different shaped and colored peg boards, provides an excellent workout for their fine motor skills and is great for working on their hand-eye coordination. It can be climed in, sat on, rocked, rolled over, crawled under and more. This sets comes in a handy LEGO brick-shaped storage box making it easy to store. The rings are made with real wood and non toxic paints and are easy for children to grasp. As your child gets bigger, the cards then be used together to spell out small words, as they begin to develop early reading skills. Mess-free teaching tool is a fun manipulative to work on letter and number formation with your child. Best Montessori toys for 5 and 6 year olds Best Montessori toys for 5 and 6 year olds. The colorful toy is beneficial for stimulating curiosity, cultivating fine motor skills and helping kids to understand the laws of physics, even at a very early age. It comes with 80 magnets including years, months, numerals for dates, days of the week, holidays, emotions and special events. What do I love about raising a kid the Montessori way? There are several other related sets that you can purchase along with this one like camping, dining, and more to inspire additional scenarios. These stepping stones are an awesome Montesorri toy for kids who love to move and explore. The wood pieces are well-made with smooth edges that your child can easily grasp. That’s why we did the work for you! They can also be removed and replaced many times over, as your child develops in confidence forming the different letters and numbers. Three-year-olds are usually very keen to follow a sequence of steps, such as filling in a jar with water, adding soap, scrubbing toy with a brush, dry the toy and pouring water out. Teeny Tiny Quadruplets Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls, toy gift ideas for 3 year old boys and girls. There are Montessori toys that also facilitate mobile exploration like climbing, rocking, crawling and more. They’ll spend hours not only stacking the rings but learning which color goes with which number and counting out the correct amount. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This toy is ideal for kids two years old to five years old. Schleich farm animals (+ a farm) … But with so many […] If you’re looking for some Montessori toys that you can take on the go, this lightweight option is perfect for travel. Top 10 Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds - Best Toys 4 Toddlers Best Montessori Toy Ideas for Children. Tweet. Filed Under: POPULAR, TOYS Tagged With: 3 year old, educational toys, Your email address will not be published. Children who play with this toy are also working on their hand-eye coordination and learning colors. 25 Best Montessori Toys: Your Ultimate List, Copyright © 2021 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. This is the perfect starting building block set for kids to learn and explore and goes far beyond a standard block. Preview: Find inspiration and ideas in simple activities and crafts for 3 year olds. 8 The Best Waldorf Inspired Activities And Crafts For 3 Year Olds You Need To Try . Put some rice or sand in a pin with these SimplytoPlay Sensory Bin Tools and let your child explore and play for hours on end. This starter set of puzzles only has four or so pieces in each, with a little bit of help from the outline of the animal. Essentially, Montessori toys are any type of toy or material that encourages curiosity and learning in children — an integral part of child development. This Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone is a great Montessori toy, with tons of options for play. This puzzle is a wonderful tool for color recognition and understanding of various shapes, great for toddlers and preschoolers. Toddlers love to help around the house, and this set of child-size tidying supplies hits the spot. Your child can develop many skills using different toys. However, we as Montessorians know that 3-6 year old children need large muscle movement with increasing refinement of smaller muscles – legs, arms, hands – all the way down to the pincer grip of holding crayons and pencils. Nov 28, 2016 - The Best Montessori Toys for 3 year olds, Montessori toys for preschoolers and Montessori education, Best Gifts for 3 year olds, Great gift guide for Montessori at home. They’re a decent size too, and a well-constructed toy that will last for years and years to come. If you're looking for a Montessori toy for a one-year-old, this is an ideal option to help with their learning and development. Your email address will not be published. The recommendations given here are based on our real-world experiences and those of other families. It’s also wonderful for keeping energetic children calm and focused in situations where they can’t be rambunctious. If your child is anything like mine, there’s nothing they love more than splashing around in the kitchen sink and “helping” with the dishes. Other toys help them to burn out an extra amount of energy and as such, are awesome toys for active kids. This activity board not only keeps them entertained, but also teaches them the basics of getting dressed like tying, buckling, snapping, and more. It comes with 10 simple colorful patterns for your child to follow, with the over 100 pattern blocks, which come in 6 different shapes and colors. Plus, all of these toys are either toys we tried and tested or they are on our shopping list! Montessori toys Amazon, Montessori toys for preschool, Natural Toys, Montessori Learning toys, Best Montessori Toys, Montessori Gifts, Montessori Toys for Preschool, Montessori Activities and Montessori … Happy playing! Montessori Inspired Age Appropriate Toys (3 to 6 Years) Montessori Inspired Age Appropriate Toys (6 to 9 Years) As much as possible, NAMC’s web blog reflects the Montessori curriculum as provided in its teacher training programs. The developmental aid of a puzzle-like this includes motor skills, visual-spatial skills and also inspires imagination. This gift is not only fun for kids but also teaches them so many great things. What we like best about this set is that it’s not comprised of the whole piece, but instead fractions of fruit that come together to make a whole. However, it is important for babies to play with toys, as it helps in their optimum development. Shop here for the best Montessori, great for getting children away from a screen and allowing them to explore, imagine, and develop essential real-life skills. Wikki Stix are colorful, non-toxic wax and yarn strings can easily be stuck onto the individual letter and number cards using just the pressure of your child’s fingertips. It includes 133 pieces of wooden building blocks with blocks for hotels, banks, police and fire stations and more. Ask them to put their hand into the bag and feel around the different shapes until they find the one which matches their tile. In this article: Montessori gifts for babies. While younger kids around one year old might only stack the rings haphazardly, older kids will understand that the larger rings must be placed at the bottom and smaller rings towards the top. If you’re looking for a Montessori toy for a one-year-old, this is an ideal option to help with their learning and development. The best Montessori toys are made of natural materials without too many bells and whistles. Getting dressed by oneself is a pretty critical skill and mastering it is quite the accomplishment for young tots. Here, the best toys for 3-year-olds that are available online. Montessori gifts for 3-year-olds. Help your child to explore and express their feelings on a role-play “egg-ventrue”! This Montessori approved rocking toy really allows a child’s brain to take over. This is ideal for ages three years and older, but can be used as young as two years old with some help from parents. While playing with this playset your child will be learning parts and wholes, which are essential for developing their math skills. This set will grow up with your child and the will enjoy creating more elaborate structures as they get older. That’s why I wrote this list of Waldorf friendly toys that toddlers (1-3 years old) actually love to play with. Powered by. It also has traffic lights, trees, and everything else you would find in a city. This toy helps with basic math concepts, colors, numbers, matching and more and is an awesome Montessori toy. Toddlers will love the fascinating Play22 Wooden Car Ramps Race, with a continuous motion from the top to the bottom once the care is placed on the track. Shop the best Montessori toys here with options for children as young as 12 months and as old as six years. Montessori gifts for 2-year-olds. Available for purchase here: United States | United Kingdom. Rather than sitting in front of a screen, or an electronic toy that lights up and plays music, Montessori toys are bare-bones in nature, letting kids learn through all of their senses rather than just observing. The tools are the perfect size for little hands with smooth, rounded, edges and high-quality wood. With a small pump, the sink actually works and produces water which kids will love. %% 10 %% Toddler-size cleaning toys. It can be a boat, a bridge, a bed and whatever else your child’s imagination comes up with. Typically characterized as open-ended, simple, and realistic, Montessori-aligned toys tend to spark creativity and imaginative play, exercise and develop dexterity, and promote other important skills. All the toys we picked are gender neutral and they will be the perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for little girls and boys! Montessori play is all about childhood exploration, imaginative play, and manipulating an object in a multi-sensory way that helps with their development. 2K Shares. Montessori toys that provide open-ended, independent and child-directed play are available, but it can take some digging to find these gems. Preschool-aged children learn through discovery and exploration in their daily surroundings. The toy is made of high-quality wood and non-toxic water-based paints. They can find it hard to distinguish when they are afraid, angry, excited, happy, sad or shy, which can lead to anger and frustrations. The blocks can be used as tunnels, little houses, hills, rocking chairs or beds for little dolls, with so many other ideas to discover. The best toys for 3-year-olds will keep them engaged and teach them a new skill. There are hours of imaginative pretend play fun to be had for your little one here, as they dress up the dolls with the 64 different magnetic outfit pieces, including daytime and nap time outfits.

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