He had long forgotten about the farm woman who bore him a son, and he thought what was happening in a few small villages didn't concern him. He only came to know that when he laid dying at Jedi Knight Revan's feet following their duel; however, he managed to tell Revan about the Sith's existence before he died. The remnants of the Sith gathered to his banner, and the Emperor created the Dark Council, at which time he left the public arena to pursue his original goal. He is officially recognized as the most powerful Sith lord of all time and this is stated plainly in multiple G-canon reference guides and SW encyclopedias, which are at the top of the hierarchy as far as (Legends) canonical material. The Sith Emperor led his people through the war with meticulous cunning, creating widespread fear and panic that turned the Republic against itself and allowing his followers to systematically exterminate their age-old Jedi adversaries. When the Emperor failed to hear from them, he thought they failed and returned to his original plans of slowly building up his strength so that when he invaded, he would be certain of victory. Vitiate acquired tremendous command of Sith Sorcery and Force Drain powers, and could utilize such abilities in overwhelmingly destructive ways as apparent from the cataclysm on planet Medriaas during which he consumed the entire biota of planet alongside stripping the same planet from the Force itself to attain corporeal immortality, leaving a void in its wake. The Emperor's birth name, Tenebrae, is Latin for "Darkness". After Marka Ragnos died, and the Sith Empire lost the Great Hyperspace War against the Galactic Republic, Lord Vitiate called all living Sith Lords to his world to perform a ritual to wipe out the Republic. Darth Vyrassu was a powerful Sith Sorcerer that could almost if not beat Vitiate in power. In the Legends time line, he is everything Vitiate is and much more. He ceased to be merely Lord Vitiate and became the Emperor. The Emperor then granted Scourge enteral life and named him as the Emperor's Wrath. The two Jedis' minds were stronger than he assumed, their minds twisting and changing his instructions until they thought they were acting of their own accord. Vitiate corrupted the atmosphere of planet Dromund Kaas with his sorcery, transforming its ionosphere into a swirling electric storm that engulfed the entire planet and rendered the concept of day and night meaningless. However, Vitiate, as Emperor Valkorion, is not Sith, as he says so himself. The heir of ancient Sith Lord Aloysius Kallig, Nox sought to restore the Kallig bloodline to greatness. Children). ... EU Palpatine was basically a lot like Vitiate, at least in terms of body possession and the host body being able to wield his power just fine. Vitiate seemed to have been influenced since birth with the corrupting influence of the dark side. Despite his lack of appearance in canonical Star Wars, Revan is likely to appear at some point in the future and have his power finally fleshed out once more. Qul-Droma's gifts were largely natural as his training was not overly sufficient during his younger years. But the Emperor managed to assume total control over Kira and used her body to kill Angral for his failure. Vitiate gave hope and a new cause to take revenge against the Jedi and the Republic. Furthermore, Vitiate could shift his essence into other beings at will, shedding the need to rely on a single permanent body to bolster his safeguard from external threats; a host possessed by Vitiate was commonly identified as his Voice by others. If he wanted to, he would be #2 Darth Bane is the Star Wars expanded universe's version of a Founding Father when it comes to the Dark Side of the Force. 10.20.2016 8:25 PM. Revan and Malak confronting the Emperor at his throne on Dromund Kaas. 10.20.2016 8:25 PM. The Knight ultimately won the duel, badly injuring him. Vitiate seemed to have been influenced since birth with the corrupting influence of the dark side. One Jedi Knight managed to break free from the Emperor's will and allied with Scourge to take down the Emperor. The farmer became enraged over his wife's unfaithfulness and attacked her. RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Hilarious Darth Maul Memes That Are On The Dark Side. Abeloth, then Vitiate, then Sidious Abeloth was far more powerful then either, and she wanted to consume the galaxy, so she gets the edge Vitiate, because his intent was to consume the galaxy. After thwarting the Emperor's attempts at genocide on Belsavis, Voss (During which they had a vision of a battle with the emperor) and Corellia, the Jedi set in motion a plan to destroy the Emperor - Republic and Jedi forces would attack Dromund Kaas, where the Emperor resided, drawing the attention of the Imperial forces, and giving the Knight an opportunity to confront the Emperor, and destroy him once and for all. In the same time, he used his powers and his ability to draw on pain and rage to grow and force thousands of people to swear loyalty to him in his quest for power. During the Cold War, the Emperor was attacked at his Emperor's Fortress|fortress but managed to defeat the strike team and brainwashed them as his pawns. The first Sith Empire has a lot of legends, but one of its most fearsome leaders was Marka Ragnos. Darth Caedus.... Aside from that I don't think anybody has shown his level of Power. However, in post BBY lore, Sidious is also made much more powerful than he was depicted as being, but still not more powerful than Vitiate. Releasing his hold on his Human form, Valkorion embedded his energy and consciousness within the Outlander's mind, leading Arcann to freeze the Outlander in carbonite for five years. Speed, power, knowledge of the Force, etc. He believed the Sith's organizational structure was deeply flawed. He fed on his step-father's anger when he went into a rage against his wife and killed him while still a small child and then proceed to torture his mother for weeks. In this ‘legends’ world, he was a particularly powerful Sith Lord who had changed allegiance from Jedi to Sith. @steelhound56: Regardless of how powerful his drain is, a defence will nullify the entire drain. Disney/Lucasfilm. As for Scourge, the Emperor granted him the position of Emperor's Wrath, being his personal enforcer and executioner and subjected him to the same ritual that granted him immortality. 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