Descriptive and inferential statistics each give different insights into the nature of the data gathered. View all blog posts under Articles | View all blog posts under Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Accounting students and professionals alike need to have a strong understanding of a variety of financial, statistical, and computational concepts. All statistical techniques can be divided into two broad categories: descriptive and inferential statistics. They help us … Statistics. Descriptive Statistics Inferential Statistics; 1. The differences between descriptive and inferential statistics can assist you in delineating these concepts and how to calculate certain statistics. Descriptive statistics is the method that summaries, displays or describes data in a quantifiable manner. It gives information about raw data which describes the data in some manner. In addition, the minimum sample size required for a non-biased representation of the population by the sample was also explained. Most of the researchers take the help of inferential statistics when the raw population data is in large quantities and cannot be compiled or collected. One alone cannot give the whole picture. We want to make a quantitative research find out if there is a relationship between the nutritional status of a child and the mathematical score obtained. However, when solving complex problems that affect a huge population, this method won’t work. Walaupun statistik deskriptif sangat membantu dalam mempelajari perkara-perkara seperti penyebaran dan pusat data, tidak ada apa-apa dalam statistik deskriptif yang dapat digunakan untuk membuat generalisasi. 2. 6.0 CONCLUSION In this introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics, we provide series of illustrations on how descriptive and inferential statistics are calculated. Descriptive statistics: Inferential statistics: The use of descriptive statistics researchers has complete raw population data. Dalam statistik deskriptif, pengukuran seperti min dan sisihan piawai dinyatakan sebagai nombor tepat. It helps in organizing, analyzing and to present data in a meaningful manner. This data set can be whole or an example of a given populace. Descriptive Statistics vs. Inferential Statistics. In this article, we will discuss what statistics is, what descriptive and inferential statistics is, the differences between these … Descriptive statistics vs. inferential statistics. On the other end, Inferential statistics are used to generalize the population based on the samples. Inferential Vs Descriptive Statistics | Descriptive Statistics . Descriptive vs inferential statistics examples. In this post, we explore the differences between the two, and how they impact the field of data analytics. They are the heart of data analytics. For instance, where the population data is limited, descriptive statistics is the right approach because it guarantees accuracy. Both descriptive and inferential statistics signal very different approaches to understanding data. Generally, descriptive statistics are little constants that help in summing up or instructions the data set. It’s probably the type of data analysis that comes to mind whenever the word “statistics” is mentioned. Descriptive statistics is the term provided to the examination of data that helps to summarize or show data in a meaningful manner. Descriptive statistics is one which characterizes the population. o Calculate inferential statistics: statement of statistical population Same data for descriptive and inferential, different aspects-Single vs multiple groups o Often interested in subgroups within populations to compare o Descriptive: characterize sample data for each group o Inferential: make broader statement about each group Statistik Deskriptif vs Inferensi . It makes inference about population using data drawn from the population.

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