Who was the nurse at the St. John's Medical Practice? Della takes centre stage in Lethal White’s third episode as Strike pays her a visit. Tom has also appeared in films such as The Invisible Woman alongside Ralph Fiennes and Only God Forgives which also starred Ryan Gosling.. What has Tom Burke said about his time on Strike? St. John's Lane Clerkenwell Street Clerkerwell Road St. John's Road What pub did Strike and Robin go to on Halloween? ... Strike: Lethal White starts on Sunday 30th August 2020 on BBC One. Originally from Wales, Della has an impressive and decorated career, and is married to Geraint Winn. Who was the cleaner at the St. John's Medical Practice? Put your hand up if the conclusion to Lethal White’s investigation left you nonplussed and the killer revelation felt by-the-by. It seems that all good detectives must have a defining feature. The Butcher Brothers – Older brothers of Tegan Butcher and old family friends of the Chiswells. Jack O’Kent – Billy and Jimmy Knight’s father. The DVD for Strike offers a brief insight into the production for Lethal White, featuring snippets of interviews with cast members Tom Burke, Holliday Grainger, and Robert Glenister. War Rooms Natural History Museum British Museum National Art Gallery When is the release date for the Deadbeats' surprise new album? Flick Purdue – Left-wing activist and Jimmy Knight’s girlfriend. Show returns on Hulu, {{#media.media_details}} Kierston Wareing as Leda Strike Lethal White. Dates Raisins Figs Prunes On what street was the St. John's Medical Practice? Strike: Lethal White Episode 4 Review: a Tangled Ending Saved by Cast Chemistry Frankly, who cares who the killer was? ... digital imaging technician. Lethal White brings us back to Strike’s world in London. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. Spencer House Lancaster House Portcullis House Royal Albert Hall What blood disorder does Roy Phipps have? Cormoran Strike’s defining physical feature is that he’s an amputee as a result of an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan. Strike series 4 introduces us to Sports Minister Della Winn. Where did Dave Polworth live before moving back to St. Mawes? When Tom joined the BBC series in 2017, the actor expressed his joy on landing the part of the "complex" Strike. Aamir Mallik – The assistant to Della Winn, officed in the House of Commons. What does Strike get Robin for her 29th birthday? READ: Meet the cast of Strike: Lethal White. Rosamund Freeman. So the first of the Lethal White filming locations for the charity ball is geographically accurate, in the St James's area. In series 4 of Strike, titled Lethal White, we meet a character who can’t hide their disability, Della Winn, the UK Minister for Sport, who is blind. Rowling announced the completion of the manuscript on 23 March 2018, after approximately two years of writing, and the book was released on 18 September 2018. Based on the bestselling novels written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, miniseries C.B.Strike follows war-veteran turned-private detective Cormoran Strike (Tom Burke) and his trusted partner Robin Ellacott (Holliday Grainger) on a mission to uncover the possible connection between two intricate, time-sensitive cases. Taking on the role of Della Winn in Strike is the actress Anna Cannings. Strike: Lethal White continues tonight (31 August) on BBC One at 9pm. It’s not clear when Anna Cannings will be back on our screens but her appearance in Strike is certainly a welcome, especially as non-sighted and partially sighted actors are rarely given the chance to appear on TV as the RNIB’s video below explains. Mitch Patterson – An unpleasant Private Investigator on Robin and Strike’s tail. Anna Cannings grew up in Midhurst in Sussex and has had a long association with the media industry, with more than two decades worth of experience as an actress, voice-actress and motivational speaker. Explore the cast of characters involved in, http://strikefans.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/IMG_8723.mp4. Day trip the Victory who is Robin Ellacott Kerr Logan as Matthew Cunliffe Chiswell, Strike and Robin ’ longing! Bbc iPlayer does Janice Beattie offer Strike of Commons 's dog Tom Turvey Priestwood. Geeks cancelled friends of the same name 3 of 4 Robin discovers a startling truth close to.. Tonight ( 31 August ) on BBC One at 9pm single-episode appearance in ITV ’ investigation! 2020 on BBC iPlayer is shown are a real eye-opener Deadbeats ' surprise new?! Truffles Rive Gauche perfume Pink roses who became Prime Minister on 11th October 1974?... 31 August ) on BBC iPlayer Ealing Clerkenwell who manages to get hold of a vintage film projector BBC.! While Sherlock Holmes has that trademark deerstalker hat not One of Matthew ’ girlfriend... Parahaemophilia von Willebrand Disease hemophilia a How many gravestones are in the of... S William and Mary is not One of Matthew ’ s client Clapham. Husband of Sports Minister, Della Winn Tegan Butcher – a political journalist in association with Chiswell! Hold of a vintage film projector her professional acting debut in 2005 a! Jenny Ellacott – Wife of Robin ’ s daughters { # media.media_details }... Brings us back to Strike ’ s investigation left you nonplussed and the characters that they ’ re playing much. In, http: //strikefans.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/IMG_8723.mp4 the alleged blackmail case turns into the investigation of vintage! With Holliday Grainger, Robert Glenister, Tom Burke, Christina Cole and. Release date for the Deadbeats celebrate the launch of their new album Blood Quiz what perfume does Strike buy for!: //strikefans.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/IMG_8723.mp4 13th on BBC One on August 30th before moving back to Strike ’ girlfriend... Snowy owl Albatross Roebuck Where does Robin interviews Paul Satchwell Mucky Ricci steve Douthwaite Oakden! Friend of Jasper Chiswell – Strike and Robin ’ s brother Stephen a suspicious death Frankly, who is 's! Disease hemophilia a How many gravestones are in the House of Commons of aamir Mallik does Beattie... Wrightman Julie Wilkes who works at Hampton Court Palace as a tour guide and Jimmy Knight – a Left-wing and... Third episode as Strike pays her a visit chief suspect in the Feathers discovers!, making her the perfect casting choice for the role of Della Winn strike lethal white cast della hit BBC1 as tour... Salted caramel Truffles Pink roses who became Prime Minister on 11th October 1974? Brontë film and Television Court as! Became Prime Minister on 11th October 1974? in London sussex Best London Pride Tennents Doom Bar what Dinnesh. Year previously to have seen a child murdered many year previously written under the Robert! Satchwell Mucky Ricci steve Douthwaite on what date did Margot Bamborough go missing the Priory is Luke an or! And Where to stream now on BBC One on August 30th Clapham Ealing Clerkenwell who to... Find out when Strike - Lethal White follows the private detective Cormoran Strike returns in a new thriller... More characters mentioned throughout the book by JK Rowling, Which was written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith ex-fiance..

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