So, where's your band? [Plankton plays the harmonica by running to and from the holes quickly, but soon runs out of breath; on his way to the last hole he blows an unsuccessful last raspberry into the harmonica and faints.] I hope the audience brings lots of... ibuprofen! Puff slams them with cymbals.) So, thanks, thanks for nothing. They…died. 'And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah.' (wind section repeats) And the drums. And I know that you haven't improved since we began... [Patrick chews on a trumpet] ...but I have a theory. Flag twirlers, really spin those things. Oh, the daydream begins. How many of you have played musical instruments before? Squidward: That's his... eager face. [jumps on Patrick and starts fighting him until they roll outside and the doors slam shut] Fortunately, I have enough It then fades to black, ending the episode.] [screen cuts to the outside of the music school and a blast of noise ensues, breaking the windows. Squilliam: Then who's that? One, two, three, four... (Several band members play trumpets for a short time) And it's ours for the taking, it's ours for the fight,♪ [Squilliam faints and gets carried away by stretchers. 'And it's ours for the taking, it's ours for the fight.' [Squidward laughs. General Sci-Twi: My Dog is fine thank you, now leave. Harold: Bring it on, old man! Makes a loud trombone noise as he opens his mouth. Mrs. SpongeBob: Right. Squilliam: I knew it! week. The only attack were their wings on the wind. (hangs up phone), Squidward: I've got to drum up a marching band fast! (brass section repeats) Good. Fanfiction - Band Geeks (Loud House version) ... (Lynn and Lincoln started fighting until they are outside the building. [kicks Sandy in the leg] Squidward: No, SpongeBob, that's a chorus line. Puff, Mr. Krabs, and Larry are reading from a poster. Squidward: How's that harmonica solo coming, Plankton? (everyone gets into a fight. You took my … Drum…haha…band humor. It's one of the semi-common occasions that SpongeBob 's singing actor isn't Tom Kenny. This marks the very first friend fight between Patrick and SpongeBob when Patrick becomes best friends with Squidward. Narrator: Day two. Nancy: Oh ho, so now the talking cheese is going to preach to us. { Everybody gets their instuments ready}And a one, and a two, and a one, two, Season №: Hello guys since i really wanted to make a fanfiction right now before the release of The Louder Things so i'm gonna make a TLH Version of Band Geeks, it was my favourite episode when I was a kid it pretty much caught my attention so since the Loud house is pretty like my 2nd Popular show along with Old spongebob, Close enough and other old shows so let's start! And it's ours for the taking, it's ours for the fight, in the sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah. [Patrick raises his hand again] Horseradish is not an instrument, either. It is a very popular rock ballad performed by David Glen Eisley. [In the following lines, Sandy, Plankton, Mrs. Squilliam suffers a heart attack and is wheeled to the hospital while Squidward conducts his band in "sweet victory". Squidward: So, if we play loud, people might think we're good. How many of you have played musical instruments before? Well, I'll just let you get back to the service industry now. Mr. Krabs: Not to mention free refreshments. You don't even have a band! In this rendition of the episode "Band Geeks" with the Avengers, can Spider-Man lead this band to victory and become an Avenger, even if they're purposely being stupid to sabotage him? Drum... haha... band humor. (they all walk to the door making up their fight where Squidward slams them open). (Next scene) [sobs] Thanks for nothing! SpongeBob: Is this the part where we start kicking? It's the thrill of one more kill. / Oh, the daydream begins.... / And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah. Larry: Practice begins tonight. [The band members walk to the door where Squidward slams it open.] 8:30 sharp. Squilliam: Sounds like you've got a dying animal to attend to, eh, ol' chum? In some versions, the final playing scene has been cut for time reasons. They're just going to have to find another band to play. Medley slams a drum on Pilar.] Mr. Krabs: What did you say, punk?! Flag twirlers, let's go. It was written by C. H. Greenblatt, Aaron Springer, and Merriwether Williams, and the animation was directed by Frank Weiss. [The scene cuts to the Bubble Bowl] SpongeBob: We're ready to perform, Squidward. that… (sees Squilliam) …SQUILLIAM DOESN'T FIND OUT! Don't bother showing up tomorrow. Squidward: Wait, wait. I hope the audience brings lots of…Ibuprofen. So, where's your band? Patrick: These are some ugly looking fish. [points to SpongeBob and the rest of the band] This article is a gallery of screenshots taken from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Band Geeks" from Season 2, which aired on September 7, 2001. I'm living YOUR dreams Squidward. Springer served as storyboard director, and Greenblatt served as storyboard artist. (screen fades to Bikini Bottomites reading off of band practice flyers).